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Dramatic beginning

After earning a B.A. in Economics and a Master of Fine Arts degree, Jeff enjoyed working as a sculptor and carpenter in a quiet Massachusetts town—until the day his life broke apart. Inner terror that for years had been successfully repressed suddenly burst through, leaving him perilously disconnected from himself and the world around him.


Powerful change

Desperate and needing help, Jeff went to see a therapist friend who asked a seemingly simple question: "What about the spiritual part of you?" The question triggered a profound awakening. Almost immediately, Jeff found himself in an altered state of consciousness. The room was now filled with dazzling, nearly blinding light and Jeff was sensing the full spectrum of color in every particle of that light. Also, he felt no fear.

As the light subsided, Jeff found himself simply and permanently changed. He now recognized the center of himself to be not his thinking mind and personality, but the subtle limitless presence (with a soundless voice) deep in the center of his chest.



Within a couple of days of this fundamental change and "hearing" this voice, Jeff knew for certain his life's direction—not as an idea or vision—but something indisputable, something no longer hidden: to seek the highest aspects of life, and to learn and embody what it takes to live them in the everyday world.


An impassioned odyssey

Armed with the innate wisdom and direction of his Awakened Innermost Self, Jeff began an impassioned 45-year odyssey that continues to this day.

Always with a skeptical yet objective approach, he has only been interested in skills, perspectives and techniques that are immediately useful and uplifting.


Some things to treasure

Five years after his awakening, Jeff began conveying to others what he had discovered to that point. As his learning and research evolved, he created the leading edge Training in Life Energy Fundamentals® and delivered it for twelve years to hundreds of women and men from all walks and stages of life. Now, after years more of inner learning, he has simplified our access to real inner peace.

Jeff’s presence and guidance have been in high demand. In addition to giving more than 30,000 individual and group consultations in the last four decades, Jeff has led hundreds of workshops, meetings, and conferences. People treasure how much they come to trust their own inner teacher and experience. Treasured also is how Jeff’s presence and kind sense of humor add to the ease and light in their sessions or groups. The laughter and joy are contagious.


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