Results... in their words


"Saved my life."

"My ability to take action has effortlessly increased."

"This deepened my faith in myself and beyond."

"Anger between my wife and I disappeared."

"I feel freer, even in the middle of my stressful work days."


"My college-aged son told me how relaxed and beautiful I look."

"I'm more connected with my version of God."

"Everything and everyone around me seems more relaxed."

"A coworker joked, 'whatever you're taking I want some.'"

"It's like coming into the light after not knowing I was in the dark."


"Good to know that inner peace does not come from being passive or submissive."

"I now recognize and trust my own inner wisdom."

"Quite tired of spiritual sloth, I finally found some pure clarity."

"It's like seeing the Divine in each leaf or blade of grass."

"My relationship with my husband is better in all ways."


"Goes well with my meditation practice."

"Fear and doubt no longer control my life."

"My heart opened and I re-found my love of life."

"I'm significantly less pi**** off by external influences."

"I've experienced what my readings call Buddha nature or Christ consciousness."


"It's like an endorphin high."

"There's a big difference in how my employees respond to me."

"I now know what the word soul actually means."

“Until now, hearing my deep inner voice had been only a dream."


"My students are more responsive."

"My joy has begun to show up."

"My decision making is more precise."

"My head and heart are better connected."



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